The Orange Cat Veggie Burger

A Sonnet

When yearnings press for peace in decor bright,
When appetite awakes with thoughts of lunch,
The Orange Cat is dreamt of day and night–
Its wondrous menu, thought “divine to munch”.
With smiles and words of welcome from the staff
One enters, orders, finds a comfy seat
Within it’s pictured walls, to quip and laugh
While waiting for one’s meal – oh joy complete!
The kitchen’s soups gain fame both far and near,
With sandwiches – a score –
chalked on the board,
And buns and cookies, jaded lives to cheer.
Who can resist – foreswear this tasty hoard?
All these entice my heart, o’er vale and hill;
The best of them? The Veggie Burger still!

Written by our amazingly talented friend, Geoff

“Where there is good food, there is happiness.”